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23 January 2023: Announcement
Chinese New Year 2023 - Holiday Notice
HOLIDAY NOTICE. Chinese New Year's round the corner. Here's our HOLIDAY NOTICE for last order, last delivery, and resumption of delivery. Last order: 19/1 Thu 2 pm Last delivery: 20/1 Fri Resumption of delivery: 30/1 Mon #boardgamecafe #webstore #holidaynotice #chinesenewyear ... More!

20 December 2022: New Arrivals
Battle Boxes have landed!
DICE THRONE is a game of intriguing dice, tactical card play, powerful heroes, and unique abilities. It's a fast-paced 2-6 player combat game (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, or free-for-all). This series include Dice Throne: Season 1 and 2, Dice Throne: Marvel, and the special Dice Throne: Santa vs Kramp ... More!

8 November 2022: Events
BGC Retreat 2022
Only 3 years but it felt like an era past. Last month we returned to Essen Spiel. This month we prepare to restart our signature event, the BGC Retreat! And what better way than to look back to the past (we are hosting it at the same place we did our last Retreat in 2019) to reach for the future (by ... More!

8 November 2022: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Oct 2022 (Batch 2)
Here are the rest of the #boxtrolls that came along with the Kickstarters. Check them all out in our OCTOBER New Arrivals page! https://boardgamecafe.biz/products/c302-2022-10-arrivals/ Cryptid Urban Legends Eriantys Fantasy Realms (Deluxe Edition) It's a Wonderful World - Heritag ... More!

24 October 2022: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Sep 2022 (Batch 2)
Getting into a month late (that's how we are spinning now) but here it is .. the 2nd part of our SEPTEMBER New Arrivals! If you are thinking "deja-vu?" - yes we did have a September New Arrival posted towards the end of last month which we managed to unpack just before we departed f ... More!

27 September 2022: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Sep 2022
Wrapping up here is the list of SEP 2022 New Arrivals that just arrived yesterday, all in-store now. https://boardgamecafe.biz/products/c297-2022-09-arrivals/ Age of Atlantis (KS Edition) Age of Atlantis: Metal Poseidon Ahoy (street date 17-Oct) Ark Nova Zoo Map Pack 1 Avatar: The ... More!

26 August 2022: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Aug 2022
Mini new arrivals dropped in today. A quick snap of the new titles (plus obviously other restocks). You can find them here https://boardgamecafe.biz/products/c295-2022-08-arrivals/ Architects of the West Kingdom - Playmat Carnival Zombie (2nd Edition) Dice Throne: Marvel 4-Hero Box ( ... More!

31 July 2022: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Jul 2022
Everything that dropped in for our JULY New Arrivals. https://boardgamecafe.biz/products/c292-2022-07-arrivals/ Arkham Horror TCG: The Dunwich Legacy Campaign XP Arkham Horror TCG: The Path to Carcosa Investigator XP Betta Biblios: Quill and Parchment Carnegie (KS Masterprint Editio ... More!


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