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25 October 2023: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Oct 2023 (2nd)
OCTOBER 2023. Another mini-drop just flew in. The trolls are active! This batch is small but contains a few anticipated titles such as Castles of Burgundy Sundrop, the new Ark Nova expansion, and the expansion for Revive (Essen 2023 Fairplay #1). Two Kickstarters also made this trip i.e. FIRST IN ... More!

17 October 2023: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Oct 2023
OCTOBER 2023. Our New Arrivals updates have been here-n-there since that large batch in August. Partly becoz they came in a few batches, and partly due to us being swamped ahead of our Essen Spiel trip. Let us reboot the updates with the most recent new arrivals hitting our shelves (and work backwar ... More!

6 October 2023: Promo
Promo: BGC Gone Fishing (Essen Spiel 2023) Part 2
Eh... our Gone Fishing promo ended yesterday... but we are now still actively fishing (in Essen)!! Ok ok... let us extend our GONE FISHING promo into the rest of the days until we are back to the shop. Here's your discount code to get 10% off our webstore price (same terms as previous) - Reg ... More!

30 September 2023: Promo
Promo: BGC Gone Fishing (Essen Spiel 2023)
When we are Gone Fishing, maybe it’s time for you to “fish” from OTK Cheras! Here’s our GONE FISHING promo with discounts up to 20% on regular stock items. No minimum order. Multiple orders accepted. Standard exclusions apply. The catch? You won’t be able to get your “catch” (oh it rhymes!) until ... More!

29 September 2023: Announcement
Essen Spiel 2023 - Away Notice
ESSEN SPIEL 2023 AWAY NOTICE. We are away at Essen for the 2023 Spiel CON and won't be doing any fulfillment during this period. Here's our AWAY NOTICE for last order, last delivery, and resumption of delivery. Apology for any inconvenience caused. Last order: 26/9 Tue 5 pm Last deli ... More!

6 June 2023: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Jun 2023
JUNE 2023. And.. with the blink of an eye we find ourselves at the threshold of another half-year! JUNE's here and so are our new arrivals for this month. (Actually if we are honest, these were supposed to drop in before end of last month, but who's keeping track?) Not many Kickstarter ... More!

19 May 2023: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: May 2023
MAY 2023. Sorry we've been slow to list this up, this is a huge batch for us. But here you go in time for the weekend rush. Preorders are mostly fulfilled. Those wanting to swing by the store to get these new boxes are most welcomed. We'll be open for both days for walk-ins (and also doing m ... More!

6 April 2023: Events
Events: BGC Japan Game Day
Konnichiwa! It's all about JAPAN in our very first weekend event happening at BGC Space. Japanese game design has been making waves ever since Seiji Kanai’s Love Letter was discovered back in 2012. These games bring a unique and creative flavor to the hobby. We&rsquo ... More!


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