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6 April 2023: Events
Events: BGC Japan Game Day
Konnichiwa! It's all about JAPAN in our very first weekend event happening at BGC Space. Japanese game design has been making waves ever since Seiji Kanai’s Love Letter was discovered back in 2012. These games bring a unique and creative flavor to the hobby. We&rsquo ... More!

24 March 2023: Promo
Promo: BGC Bit Bowls Promo
It's a COLORFUL MARCH as our Bit Bowls finally arrived! In five glorious color to brighten up your game table - and helps keep your game bits organized at the same time. Get one of these BGC-labeled Bit Bowl with our introductory promo discount of 20% from our webstore price. Our Promo runs t ... More!

23 March 2023: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Mar 2023
Here's the list of our MARCH NEW ARRIVALS. We do have another small batch to add to this list but let's not wait for those. #thefeastbeforeramadan https://boardgamecafe.biz/products/c314-2023-03-arrivals/ Full list of MARCH Arrivals here: Beer and Bread Caldera Park Cartouche ... More!

28 February 2023: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Jan & Feb 2023
Just in time to be tagged as FEBRUARY NEW ARRIVALS! Let's check out what's new on the table - and as usual restocks here-n-there - for this month before we welcome the larger arrivals next month. KICKSTARTERS Oros (KS Deluxe Edition) Nano9Games - Railways, Empire, City Planner H ... More!

18 January 2023: Announcement
Chinese New Year 2023 - Holiday Notice
HOLIDAY NOTICE. Chinese New Year's round the corner. Here's our HOLIDAY NOTICE for last order, last delivery, and resumption of delivery. Last order: 19/1 Thu 2 pm Last delivery: 20/1 Fri Resumption of delivery: 30/1 Mon #boardgamecafe #webstore #holidaynotice #chinesenewyear #lastord ... More!

5 January 2023: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Dec 2022 (GMT Games)
We'd some 𝗚𝗠𝗧 𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗔𝗿𝗿𝗶𝘃𝗮𝗹𝘀 last month but have not had the chance to properly list them. Here we go, checking another off our backlog! NEW 𝗔𝗥𝗥𝗜𝗩𝗔𝗟𝗦 1848 Australia Conquest & Consequence Pacific War: The Struggle Against Japan, 1941-1945 SpaceCorp (2nd Pri ... More!

27 December 2022: New Arrivals
New Arrivals: Dec 2022
DECEMBER NEW ARRIVALS. Here's what we've for your December shopping! All items in-store now and while we are still busy fulfilling our preorders, you can place yours thru our webstore. https://boardgamecafe.biz/products/c308-2022-12-arrivals/ KICKSTARTERS After the Empire (KS Del ... More!

20 December 2022: New Arrivals
Battle Boxes have landed!
DICE THRONE is a game of intriguing dice, tactical card play, powerful heroes, and unique abilities. It's a fast-paced 2-6 player combat game (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, or free-for-all). This series include Dice Throne: Season 1 and 2, Dice Throne: Marvel, and the special Dice Throne: Santa vs Krampus. ... More!


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