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Helvetiq series

Helvetiq series

Helvetiq is an international publishing company based in Switzerland. Helvetiq's games range from family fun to spicy party games that attract attention and make people laugh. One of the best sellers is Bandido!

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Tired of seeing Bandido always escaping? Beware, a new gangsta’s coming to town...

Which side will you choose this time: will you play cop and try to prevent Bandida from running away, or join the wild side and help her? In this new Pocket game, you will find all the things you loved about Bandido and more. Three different ways of playing and cooperating all together bring even more fun.

Combine this game with Bandido to turn it into an exciting escape ala Bonnie & Cylde!

Part of the HELVETIQ Game Series.

Players: 1 to 4
Age: 6 and above
Time: 15 min

Martin Nedergaard Andersen
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