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Promo: BGC Gone Fishing (Essen Spiel 2023) Part 2

Promo: BGC Gone Fishing (Essen Spiel 2023) Part 2

6 October 2023: Promo

Eh... our Gone Fishing promo ended yesterday... but we are now still actively fishing (in Essen)!!

Ok ok... let us extend our GONE FISHING promo into the rest of the days until we are back to the shop. Here's your discount code to get 10% off our webstore price (same terms as previous)
- Regular stock items. No minimum order. Multiple orders accepted. Standard exclusions apply.

The same catch i.e. you will only be able to get your hands on the “catch” after we are back from our “fishing” trip on the 11-Oct (Wed). But it’s still a good “catch”, kan?

  • Use code GONEFISHING10 on checkout
  • While stocks last
  • 10% promo valid until 10-Oct (Tue)
  • Exclude (Kickstarters, Preorders, Backorders, Bundles, items marked NoDiscount)
  • No oversea orders
  • Promo only valid for orders received and paid within 48 hrs (unpaid orders will be reverted to regular price)
  • Fulfillment: pickup from 11-Oct and delivery from 12-Oct (FIFO basis)

Need help with your order? Whatsapp Wai Yan at 6012 2081780

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