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Railways of the World series

Railways of the World series

All games and expansion maps from the Railways of the World series, an expandable system of train games from EAGLE Games . This was first released in 2005 as "Railroad Tycoon" but has been re-implemented with several improvements.

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Players are investors who risk their businesses and money on this new technology, as they build railway links through the mountains and over the rivers of historic New England.

New England Railways puts players in the roles of those who built the railroads that linked the booming industries of 1800s New England ‐‐ from the shipbuilders of Connecticut to the forests of Maine; from the fisheries of Massachusetts through the mountains of New Hampshire and on to the foundries of Albany.

Part of the MARTIN WALLACE Collection.

Players: 2 to 6
Age: 12 and up
Time: 90-120 minutes

John Bohrer, Martin Wallace
Eagle Games

Sleeve size: 65x90 (tbc)
Clearance 40% discount

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