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Our BGG Patron Promo is back!

Our BGG Patron Promo is back!

31 December 2021: Promos

How would you like to get purchase rebates from us while supporting something you are passionate in? Piqued? Then don’t miss our BGC Geek Rebates. We started this promo in 2018, resumed it in 2020 and now we are back with 2021’s promo! Continue reading for the deets.

Back in Dec 2018, we first ran a Boardgamegeek Patron promo. It was pretty well received and we’d planned to do it yearly. Alas 2019 overwhelmed us a bit and we kinda dropped this ball. We are glad we resumed that in 2020 (thanks to all who took part), and now we are back with 2021’s edition!

TLDR first (same same as last year)
What is it? Get rebate coupons (RM50 and above) by supporting Boardgamegeek as a Patron
When is the promo? Campaign period runs from today till 15 Jan 2022.

I think most if not all of you would have heard of BOARDGAMEGEEK and find them useful. Boardgamegeek is committed to remain as a free resource yet they also have expenses that need to be covered. And that’s where the Boardgamegeek Patron contributions comes in. From as low as USD15 (one-time) you can do your part and contribute to the Boardgamegeek Patron support.

I would love to see more of our Malaysian boardgamers chipping in their support, and since this is the period when Boardgamegeek traditionally run their End-of-Year Geek Patronage drive, I thought this is a good opportunity for Boardgamecafe.net to provide some incentive for your kind patronage.

Here’s the dealBoardgamecafe.net would like to offer a RM50 rebate coupon on your webstore order if you sign up as the 2021 / 2022 Boardgamegeek Patron (min USD15). If you are a returning Boardgamegeek Patron, we have even better news for you. For each year you have supported the Geek in the past (ie with a Patron badge), we’ll give you another RM20 rebate coupon.

For fuil details: please visit Our Boardgamegeek Patron Promo is back! – Boardgamecafe.net

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