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New Arrivals: Sep 2022 (Batch 2)

New Arrivals: Sep 2022 (Batch 2)

24 October 2022: New Arrivals

Getting into a month late (that's how we are spinning now) but here it is .. the 2nd part of our SEPTEMBER New Arrivals!

If you are thinking "deja-vu?" - yes we did have a September New Arrival posted towards the end of last month which we managed to unpack just before we departed for Essen.

However another batch came in just AFTER we left. So that had to wait till we are back (now) to unpack and list them. All those with preorders would have already been fulfilled.

This clears the deck for us to jump into the proper OCTOBER New Arrivals unpacking which includes a few highly anticipated Kickstarters!

If you missed the 1st part of our September New Arrivals post (27/9), here it is.


To view all our September New Arrivals in our webstore, just drop into to this page on our webstore:


And here's what checked in for our SEPTEMBER BATCH 2:

  1. Alien Frontiers (5th Ed) incl Promo Pack 2017
  2. Brian Boru - High King of Ireland
  3. Can't Stop (Eagle Games)
  4. Clinic Deluxe: Campaign Book
  5. Clinic Deluxe: Extension 5
  6. Creature Comforts (Retail Ed) with Wooden Bits and Custom Dice) - on backorder
  7. Fog of Love
  8. Imperium: Classic
  9. Imperium: Legend
  10. Innovation (3rd Edition)
  11. Innovation: Echoes of the Past
  12. Innovation: Figures in the Sand
  13. Innovation: Cities of Destiny
  14. Innovation: Artifacts of History
  15. One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
  16. Paladins of the West Kingdom: Collectors Box
  17. Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Gates of Gold
  18. Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Keys
  19. Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Collector's Box
  20. ScandalOh! (KS Editor-in-Chief Edition)

For restocks, you can directly check stock level/availability on our webstore.

Till October (oh wait, October is already here!), keep gaming!

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