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BGC Retreat 2022

BGC Retreat 2022

8 November 2022: Events

Only 3 years but it felt like an era past. Last month we returned to Essen Spiel. This month we prepare to restart our signature event, the BGC Retreat! And what better way than to look back to the past (we are hosting it at the same place we did our last Retreat in 2019) to reach for the future (by introducing for the very first time, a BoardgameKids Retreat and an optional 3rd Day)! Get the deets here and see you (and your kids?) this Dec 10-12!

Venue: Klana Resort, Teluk Kemang

Retreat Session in Full Flow

Our Retreat is an offsite event over one weekend devoted primarily for like-minded boardgamers like yourself to gather and enjoy each other’s company over two days of (semi) intense boardgaming! This year we are experimenting with adding an optional 3rd day for those who can’t get enough of boardgaming over one weekend.

Full information here: It’s YESTERDAY Once More (BGCR2022) – Boardgamecafe.net

Or sign-up direct here

Lucky Draw Prize!

BoardgameKids Retreat for the 1st Year!

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