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Cat series

Cat series

All CAT theme games including the popular Calico and Isle of Cats.

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A Game of Cat & Mouth is a two-player game in which players use a magnetic cat's paw to shoot balls at one another.

In more detail, to set up, you lay the box open on the table, place the "cat head" dividing screen upright in the center of the board, place the black "nose" ball in the center of the cat's face, set the three white "teeth" balls in the cat's mouth, divide the eight yellow balls between the two players, and lock the magnetic cat's paw into place on each side of the game board.

Game of the Year 2022 / The Toy's Association's TOY OF THE YEAR.

Players: 2
Age: 7 and up
Time: 10 minutes

Exploding Kittens

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