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Once Upon A Time series

Once Upon A Time series

ONCE UPON A TIME is the award-winning storytelling card game that encourages creativity and collaborative play from Atlas Games. The object of the game, though, isn't just to win, but to have fun telling a story together.

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Players of Once Upon A Time create a story together using cards that show typical elements from fairy tales. The Storyteller creates a story using the ingredients on her cards, guiding the plot toward her own ending. The other players use their cards to interrupt her and to become the new Storyteller. The winner is the first player to play out all of her cards, ending with the "Happy Ever After" card.

Part of the ONCE UPON A TIME Game Series.


Players: 2 to 6
Age: 8 and up
Time: 30 minutes

Richard Lambert, Andrew Rilstone, James Wallis
Atlas Games

Sleeve size: 56x87 (165c)
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