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New Arrivals: Oct 2023 (2nd)

New Arrivals: Oct 2023 (2nd)

25 October 2023: New Arrivals

OCTOBER 2023. Another mini-drop just flew in. The trolls are active! This batch is small but contains a few anticipated titles such as Castles of Burgundy Sundrop, the new Ark Nova expansion, and the expansion for Revive (Essen 2023 Fairplay #1).

Two Kickstarters also made this trip i.e. FIRST IN FLIGHT and ISLE OF TRAINS ALL ABOARD. Four more are incoming maybe in 2 weeks time - Septima, Fit to Print, Point City, and Deep Dive.


  • Ark Nova: Marine Worlds
  • Everdell: Mistwood
  • Federation Deluxe
  • Revive: Call of the Abyss
  • Princes of Florence (WizKid Edition)


  • Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition with Miniatures (Gameplay All-in Sundrop)
  • First in Flight
  • Isle of Trains All Aboard
  • Septima (KS Deluxe)
  • Fit to Print
  • Point City
  • Deep Dive

Full list here (new arrivals only):

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