Twilight Imperium 3 XP2: Shards of the Throne

Twilight Imperium 3 XP2: Shards of the Throne
Code: TI3XP2

Though millennia have passed since the Twilight Wars erupted across the face of the galaxy, their tragic scar remains. Centuries of war, followed by further centuries of xenophobic isolation, have left the once powerful empire little more than a distant memory. Shards of the Throne is the second exciting expansion for Twilight Imperium, the epic board game of galactic politics, trade, and warfare.

Note: This is not a complete game and requires Twilight Imperium 3 game to play.
Players3 to 8
Age14 and up
Time180-240 minutes
Designer(s)Corey Konieczka, Christian T Petersen
PublisherFantasy Flight Games

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The legacy of a ruined empire silently echoes across the stars, its presence still felt as a timeless entity. It is hope. It is a promise. It corrodes the dreams of a peaceful universe into visions of alluring conquest, propelling the entire galaxy into an endless struggle for power.

Shards of the Throneis an epic expansion for Twilight Imperium, adding new races, new units, and many new options to create an even more incredible power struggle in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Mercenaries, Mechanized Units, and all-new Flagship units give players more options for customizing their fleets and Ground Forces, while the Political Intrigue option will crank up the agendas and espionage of the political phase.

Also adding Race-Specific Technologies, alternate Strategy Cards, new System Tiles, Space Domains, and an all-new scenario that puts one player in control of the legendary Lazax Empire, Shards of the Throne creates a completely new way to wage your galactic conquests!

  • 2011 Golden Geek Best Board Game Expansion Winner
  • 2011 Golden Geek Best Board Game Expansion Nominee
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Note: This is not a complete game and requires Twilight Imperium 3 game to play.

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