The Networks Bundle

The Networks Bundle

Special Essen deal... buy The Networks and The Networks: Executives XP as a bundle and get The Networks: More Executives mini-expansion (worth USD6) for free!

A mini-expansion for The Networks, to be played with the Networks: Executives expansion. These are two additional Executives: Continuum, who has a time machine and can take extra turns (but causes anomalies in the process), and Gorilla, who can choose to go last every turn (getting extra money) or first every turn (sacrificing any money or viewers they get when they Drop and Budget). This mini-expansion also includes new Pilot Season cards that re-introduce some of the beloved Shows, Stars, and Ads from the base game.
Players1 to 5
Age13 and up
Time60-90 minutes
Designer(s)Gil Hova
PublisherFormal Ferret Games

Weight1800 gm
Sleeve size65x100 (211c)

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