Meeple Circus The Wild Animal and Aerial Show

Meeple Circus The Wild Animal and Aerial Show

On the roster of The Wild & Aerial Show, the new act for Meeple Circus, you'll find a bear and wild lion, along with breathtaking aerial acts starring Otto the tumbler and Luna the tightrope walker!

Players2 to 5
Age8 and up
Time45 min
Designer(s)Cedric Millet

Weight800 gm
Sleeves57x90 (8c)

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Each player starts the game with three acrobats: 1 blue, 1 yellow, and 1 red (instead of only 1 blue and 1 yellow as in the base game.) You have more acrobats as you have more to do in this expansion thanks to new public demand cards and challenge tiles. If you want to have a more challenging game, the expansion comes with an option to play with advanced rules.

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Meeple Circus
View You have only one goal in Meeple Circus: Entertain the audience. The competition is tough, but you can create the most amazing circus by proposing incredible acts! Acrobats, horses, and many accessories are at your disposal. Be sure to undertake a good rehearsal, then with your remarkable dexterity, you can give them the show of their lifetime. Once the circus music starts, all eyes will be upon you!

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