Ticket to Ride: Switzerland

Ticket to Ride: Switzerland

From the shores of Lake Geneva to the slopes of Davos, this expansion takes you through the heart of Switzerland's mountainous geography. You'll climb aboard the Mont-Blanc Express connecting Martigny to France and ride the Bernina Express over soaring passes into Italy.

Re-implemented as Ticket to Ride Maps 2: India & Switzerland.
Players2 to 3
Age8 and up
Time30-45 minutes
Designer(s)Alan R. Moon
PublisherDays of Wonder

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Sleeve size56x87(46c)

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Officially an expansion that works with either Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride: Europe, Ticket to Ride: Switzerland requires the train pieces and train cards from the above mentioned original games to work. It comes with a new board, 46 new destination cards and a set of rules (in several languages) to create a new game. The Ticket to Ride: Switzerland map and rules first appeared as an exclusive map for the Ticket to Ride computer game. In addition to being specifically designed for a smaller numbers of players the map has several new features. Locomotive cards are used exclusively for tunnels (which work as they do in Ticket to Ride: Europe). Some destination cards have an end point inside Switzerland and other possible ends in adjacent countries (the value of the completed card is based on the farthest possible connection completed). There are also destination cards for connections between adjacent countries.

Although not officially sanctioned, it works fine with Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries also. Due to Ticket to Ride: Marklin's different distribution of train cards, Ticket to Ride: Switzerland is not considered to be compatible.

Note: This item is out of print but is re-implemented as Ticket to Ride Maps 2: India & Switzerland.

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