Lorenzo il Magnifico: The Pazzi Conspiracy (KS Ed)

Lorenzo il Magnifico: The Pazzi Conspiracy (KS Ed)

Lorenzo il Magnifico: The Pazzi Conspiracy Kickstarter edition is a 48-card expansion that enriches the original Lorenzo il Magnifico experience. You will move in the darkness and, for the first time, the cards you play will influence the actions of the other players. The ancient and dark streets of the city are the perfect environment to punish your opponents.True kings are born in the slums!

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Players2 to 5
Age12 and up
Time60-120 minutes
Designer(s)Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani
PublisherCranio Creations

Weight100 gm
Sleeve size45x70 (48c)

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An annotated list of ALL the cards in this expansion
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