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2020 Kickstarters

2020 Kickstarters

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MYR179.00 MYR159.00

5-Minute Mystery is a high-intensity, deductive, mystery game in which players work together to find a culprit hidden in a line-up of suspects....

Adds support for up to 6 players, extra scenes, more suspects & culprits, and more cases to solve!

• 1 Codex
• 36 Suspect Cards
• 40 Scene Cards
• 20 Clue Tiles
• 36 Culprit Tiles
• 24 Case Files
• 6 Reference Cards

Players: 1-6
Age: 8 and up
Time: 30 minutes

Connor Reid
Wiggles 3D

Sleeve size: 57x90 (35c), 65x90 (25c)

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