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2024 Kickstarters

2024 Kickstarters

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In this game you will deal with cryptozoology, search for strange creatures and prove their existence. In this world, they really exist, they just perfectly hide from human eyes. Your task is not only to find these unique species of animals, but also to provide them with a safe habitat - for some creatures, various cities are ready to provide such places, for the rest you are building a unique reserve.

Cryptic Nature is a Euro connoisseur game for 2-4 players with a game duration of 60-90 minutes. It combines Point to Point Movement and Dice Rolling elements. The winner is the player who can track down and capture the most cryptids and present them to the public in the reserve.

Note: This is a preorder for the KS Edition with eta Oct 2024. Deposit (NR) RM200 to confirm your preorder.


Players: 1 to 4
Age: 10 and up
Time: 90 minutes

Georgij Shugol, Alexander Krys, Oleg Meleshin
KS eta Oct 2024

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