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2021 Kickstarters

2021 Kickstarters

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1860's long-awaited return is here!

A game tracing the development of railways on the Isle of Wight, 1860 is part of the 18xx series of economic railway games, based on Francis Tresham's original concepts.

The game is notable for the small size of the board compared to many 18xx games, and its innovative game end: The climax of play sees the beginnings of railway nationalization in the United Kingdom, with the weakest companies being eliminated from private operation earlier than those which are the healthiest.

Part of the 18XX Game Series.

Note: This is the Kickstarter Edition which includes the expansion 1860: Locomotives on the Isle of Wight as stretch goal.


Players: 2 to 4
Age: 13 and up
Time: 120-240 minutes

Mike Hutton
All Aboard Games

Sleeve size: tbc
Incl KS Expansion

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