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Vital Lacerda Designer Series

Vital Lacerda Designer Series

Born in Lisbon, VITAL LACERDA with masters degree in Marketing and Advertising have worked in advertising agencies for almost 15 years as an art director, and later as the creative director of his own agency before he decided to try his luck as a freelance graphic designer in 2006. Boardgame design is his greatest and most loved passion.

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Your goal in Bot Factory is to gather projects and parts, then assemble bots, thereby fulfilling demand goals and improving the value of the bot you are making. Sandra, the factory manager from Kanban, is present here, moving to different departments and using the players' spaces. The game uses the same worker-placement mechanism from Kanban in which turn order is established by the workers' positions on the board.


Players: 1 to 4
Age: 14 and up
Time: 30-60 minutes

Vital Lacerda, João Quintela Martins
Eagle Games

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