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Metal Coins

Metal Coins

METAL COINS and Premium POKER CHIPS to replace paper money / cardboard tokens / plastic coins. #doyoumetal

Brass: Iron Clays (100 pcs)

MYR249.00 MYR239.00

Iron Clays. A set of 100 beautifully-designed luxury gaming counters in 5 denominations and packed in a magnetic box. Meticulously designed in collaboration with Roxley by renounced illustrator, Chad Michael.

Note: The Iron Clays that came with Kickstarter Deluxe Brass is set of 78 in 4 denominations ($100 are not included, and neither is the box). This set includes both $100 chips and a storage box. Order is for pickup from Cheras store only. No delivery.

Players: n/a
Age: n/a
Time: n/a

Chad Michael Ward

Sleeve size: n/a
No delivery option. Pickup from Cheras only.

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