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Game Components

Game Components

GAME COMPONENTS and ADD-ONS to replace or enhance your gaming experience. These category includes wooden component upgrades, painted miniatures, authentic resource tokens, and metal mechs/vehicles.

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The Goodies Expansion contains: the legendary X-Deck containing 24 cards with alien encounters all over the farm, the O-Deck was created under the guidance of the Austrian Games Academy, the CZ-Deck based on famous people, places, and historic events from the Czech Republic, the looney L-Deck, all five double-sided theme boards (Western, Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Mars); a sheet with 70 stickers (35 adults, 33 children, one alien, and even a werewolf); plus a slew of Wooden Meeples.

This is only an accessory for AGRICOLA and is not a complete game.

Part of the AGRICOLA Game Series

Players: 1 to 5
Age: 12 and up
Time: 30-150 minutes

Uwe Rosenberg
Lookout Games

Sleeve size: 60x92 (86c)

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