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Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes

Collector / Legendary / Storage boxes - ONE BOX - to keep the base game and all expansions!

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This deluxe Collector's Box is designed to fit Architects, Works of Wonder, Age of Artisans, and all additional content, such as promos and metal coins. And yes, it fits sleeved cards. The box is the same size as the Collector's Boxes for Raiders of the North Sea and Paladins of the West Kingdom (295x295x69mm). The 5 resource trays have curved bases, make it easy to scoop out the wooden pieces.

Includes Crossover Promo Pack of 14 promo cards (require both Age of Artisans and Works of Wonder to play).

Part of the WEST KINGDOM game series.

Players: 1 to 5
Age: 12 and up
Time: 60-80 minutes

Shem Phillips, S J Macdonald
Renegade Game Studios
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