• Ka-Ching!

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Players2 - 4 Age8 and up Time20 minutes Designer(s)Horst-Rainer Rösner, Klaus Palesch PublisherKanga Games


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Buy low, Sell high! Making money is the name of the game in this high stakes duel for dollars. Compete against your opponent to turn the biggest profit by strategically buying and selling stock cards. Buy cards at face value and then sell them in pairs for the greatest possible return, all while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Accumulate the most cash and you're in the money!

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Ka-Ching! has always been ranked as one of the best two player card games around, but now we've made this fantastic little game playable for three and even four players!

It is super easy to learn, plays quickly and yet offers endless opportunities for strategic challenge. It also emphasizes multiplication as a skill.

There are many subtle strategies that you will learn as you play, but here's one to get you started: Try to force your opponent into buying a card in order to uncover one that you need.

What your children will learn while playing this game
Tactical thinking
Forward planning


-82 cards
-One wooden token
-Rules of play


Dr. Toy's Best Product Award Winner
Major Fun Award
National Parenting
Center Seal of Approval
Parents' Choice Silver

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