• Dungeon Twister

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Players2 Age11 and up Time45 minutes Designer(s)Christophe Boelinger PublisherAsmodee Editions

Dungeon Twister

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Dungeon Twister is a captivating and original game for two players, where their groups of characters try to escape from the dark rooms of a labyrinth filled with unforeseen dangers. As each player directs his own group of adventurers, their meeting will be inevitable!

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The power of your entire group of adventurers was not enough! Your courageous explorers have been captured and roughly thrown into the dungeon of a powerful mage. This cruel and vicious man was so bored he designed a mechanical labyrinth where he traps his prisoners for his own entertainment. To make the show even more entertaining, he puts not one but two groups of adventurers in the Dungeon. The two teams must fight to the death in order to survive the treacherous traps laid by the Arch-Mage.

Take control of a team of adventurers - warrior, troll, thief, cleric... - and run them toward the exit of the dungeon in which they are trapped!

Your task won't be easy: not only is there another gang of explorers pursuing the same goal, but the labyrinth floor itself is unstable. Rooms turn, revealing new hallways, closing previously opened passages, and your golden path to glory may will become a highway to hell!

In order to make it through and win, you'd have to carefully choose your weapons which include speed, dexterity, trickery, and brute strength. You must also be able to use your tactical resources to the utmost.

If you enjoy this game, remember to check out it's expansions -3-4 Players and Paladins & Dragons.


1 Rule Book
8 Square Rooms
2 Starting Lines (1 Per Player)
2 Quick-Reference Screens
2 Sets of Tokens (1 Per Player) Including Each 8 Characters and 6 Objects
2 Sets of 8 Cardboard Figurines and 16 Plastic Bases
2 Decks of Cards (16 Cards Per Player) Each Containing 9 Combat Cards, 3 Jump Cards, and 4 Action Cards
Several 'Broken' and 'Open' Portcullis Markers
Several Markers to Keep Track of Actions Used During Play

International Gamers Awards
Best 2-Player Game Nominee 2005

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