• DOOM: The Expansion

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Players2 - 6 Age12 and up Time60 - 120 minutes Designer(s)Kevin Wilson PublisherFantasy Flight Games

DOOM: The Expansion

MYR179.00 MYR169.00

If you thought trying to escape Mars base was bad... DOOM: The Boardgame Expansion Set pits the marines against the legions of Hell on their home turf!

Note: This is an expansion game and requires the DOOM board game to play. This is not a complete game by itself.

Weight (kg)1.46 kg


Load up Marines!

The battles of the UAC marines continue! Facing an army of new threats, the marines learn of a weapon that could possibly defeat the invaders once and for all - the soul cube! However, they'll have to travel into the very heart of their enemy's home dimension to find it! Can they survive the ferocious battles that lie ahead of them in order to save mankind? There's only one way to find out....

Featuring over 30 new plastic figures, DOOM: the Board Game Expansion Set includes an army of horrible new invaders to fight, an extra campaign to battle your way through, and many other exciting additions to the game such as airless terrain, a second invader deck, new marine cards, and several optional "mods". Best of all, up to 6 players can now play at once using the new Deathmatch and Capture the Flag play modes.

DOOM: The Boardgame Expansion Set is intended for use with DOOM: The Boardgame. It allows for 2 to 6 players using its Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes, which are playable in 1 to 2 hours.


1 rule/scenario book
4 reference sheets
36 plastic miniatures
84 cards
3 marine equipment bins
17 map pieces
4 airlock markers
4 plastic airlock stands
8 prop markers
8 wound tokens
6 armor tokens
9 marine order tokens
10 sentry bot markers
34 frag tokens
6 respawn point tokens
6 player turn tokens
33 equipment tokens

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