• Ares Project, The

Game Details Players: 2 - 4 Age: 13 and up Time: 60 minutes Publisher: Z-man Games
Designer(s)Brian Engelstein, Geoff Engelstein

Ares Project, The

MYR229.00 MYR205.00

Earth has been devastated by thousands of years of human exploitation. The salvation of mankind lies millions of miles away, in the Martian tundra, where four factions fight for the future: Terrans, the remnants of the global Earth Defense Force; Kahoum, an ancient cabal; Colossus, a renegade team of underpaid engineers gathered to create the ultimate fighting machine; Xenos, the original inhabitants of Mars, who have lain in dormant hibernation for millennia - until now. Build your forces, upgrade them with advanced technologies, and launch them into battle with fast-paced, card-driven action in The Ares Project!

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BGC Marks Earned+205 (what is this?)

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