• Small World XP3: Tales & Legends

Game Details Players: 2 - 5 Age: 8 and up Time: 40 - 90 minutes
Publisher: Days of Wonder Designer(s): Philippe Keyaerts

Small World XP3: Tales & Legends

MYR78.00 MYR70.00

Small World - Tales & Legends introduces 54 new Event cards that change the storyline of each turn during the game. Event cards are organized into 6 different themes, each with its own unique flavor. The cards are also rated by their impact on the game: Little Lore cards have only a minor effect; Tall Tales have worldly consequences; and Lordly Legends are guaranteed to turn your Small World upside down! Will you end up drinking the Philter of Forgetfulness, be flung from the Great Catapult or even have a chance to seduce the White Queen? Part of the Small World series of games.

Weight (kg): 0.13 Sleeve size: 65x100 (54c)
BGC Marks Earned+70 (what is this?)

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