• Hanamikoji: KS Collector's Bookcase

Game Details Players: 2 Age: 10 and up Time: 15-30 minutes
Publisher: EmperorS4 Designer(s): Kota Nakayama

Hanamikoji: KS Collector's Bookcase

MYR55.00 MYR49.00

This is the Collector's Bookcase that was offered during the Hanamikoji: Geisha's Road Kickstarter campaign. This is just the bookcase and does not contain any game or components.

Part of the EMPEROR S4 Collection.


Weight (kg): 1.5
BGC Marks Earned+49 (what is this?)
Insider Redemption

The Collector's Bookcase (the white mock-up case in the image) is a Kickstarter-Exclusive (KSE) gift for backers who pledged Hanamikoji Bundle or above during this campaign. It's a one-piece foldable cardboard case that can hold both games in place. You can fold it for portability or open it to showcase the beautiful artwork by the artist Maisherly on your game shelf. 

The design of the bookcase is still in progress and we will reveal the image as soon as the files are ready!

The bookcase won't be available outside the KS campaign except for a small surplus amount after the campaign's fulfillment that may be available at conventions and events.

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