• Namiji XP1: Aquamarine
  • Namiji XP1: Aquamarine

Game Details Players: 2 to 5 Age: 8 and up Time: 30-45 minutes
Publisher: Funforge Designer(s): Antoine Bauza

Namiji XP1: Aquamarine

MYR139.00 MYR125.00

New surprises await you under the sea in Aquamarine, the first expansion for Namiji!

The waters of ancient Japan still hold surprises for the most seasoned anglers. Catch the rare rainbow fish, fill your trap with new crustaceans, and deliver your offerings to the sea at the most opportune time to make your trip profitable. Embark on the adventure!

Part of the TOKAIDO Game Series.

Weight (kg): 1.2 Sleeve size: 45x70 (6c)
BGC Marks Earned+125 (what is this?)

In Namiji, you are two to five fishermen of yesteryear who are about to take a journey of discovery of beautiful and wild marine life. You will need to have a fruitful day at sea to win the game. To do this, you will have the opportunity to contemplate magnificent marine species, to fish with a line or a net to fill your racks with colourful fish and haul in your crustaceans traps.

Aquamarine is the first expansion for Namiji. It contains all the item stretch goals from the original Kickstarter campaign and a booklet containing the expansion's rules and the Boats' stories. The booklet is also available for download from the Namiji website.

Aquamarine adds the whirlpool and additional creatures to the game. It is an expansion and cannot be played without the base game Namiji.

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