• BGC Retreat 2023

Game Details Players: 2 to 4 Age: 12 and up Time: 2-3 days
Publisher: Boardgamecafe.net Designer(s): BGC Retreat

BGC Retreat 2023

Ref: BGCR2023
MYR450.00 MYR450.00

A 2-day 1-night offsite event for board games held at Klana Beach Resort, Teluk Kemang. Registration fee includes accommodation (twin-sharing), event fees, all meals (except dinner), exclusive BGC Retreat t-shirt, and special commemorative finisher token from Essen Spiel. Excludes transport to/fro and dinners.

Dates: 9-10 Dec, 2023 (Sat/Sun)
Optional: 11 Dec, 2023 (Mon)

For more info, please refer to our BGC Retreat 2023 Announcement post.

Note: Your registration is *only confirmed* with full payment. Seats are allocated on first-come first-served basis and may be sold out anytime. If your registration is not successful and you've paid, a full refund will be given. No BGC Insider Marks for this item.

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3 days for RM650


Event Dates:

  • Dec 9-10 (Sat-Sun): Main Programme
  • Dec 11 (Mon): Optional Extension Day

Location: Klana Beach Resort, Teluk Kemang (website)

Event Mode:

  • BGC Retreat Semi-Competitive - Sat/Sun (for gamers)
  • BoardgameKids Relaxed Mode - Sat/Sun (for young children 6-12 yo and parents)
  • Quasi (free-n-easy) Mode - Mon (for everyone)


  • BGC Retreat - from RM450 per pax (Sat/Sun), or RM650 per pax (Sat-Mon) *offer*
  • Non-participant (Child) - from RM180 per pax (Sat/Sun), or RM270 per pax (Sat-Mon), max 2 children
  • Non-participant (Adult) - from RM300 per pax (Sat/Sun), or RM500 per pax (Sat-Mon), max 1 adult

Note: The Optional Extension on Monday depends on us getting at least 15+ participants in order for us to get access to an event hall.


Our Retreat is an offsite event over one weekend devoted primarily for like-minded boardgamers like yourself to gather and enjoy each other’s company over two days of (semi) intense boardgaming! Last year's experiment with adding an optional 3rd day was very well received. Therefore we will continue to offer the optional 3rd Day for those who can't get enough of boardgaming over one weekend.

We’ve booked a hall that’ll be available to us from 9am on Sat till 5pm Mon. We should have the keys to the Hall so technically it’ll be available late into Sat night, possibly all-night-long if you got da staying power.

In order to prevent hungry gamers from chewing on the cardboards, we’ll provide coffee/tea breaks and lunches daily, with breakfast on Sun (and Mon) morning (so that’s 7 meals over the two-day event, and 10 meals for all three-days). Dinners are at your own expense, though. We usually self organize into a few groups for dinner.

TLDR: Daily breakfast, two coffee/tea breaks and one lunch, dinner on your own.


Who is this Retreat suitable for? Our Retreat Persona is someone who loves boardgames – not Monopoly or Risks but Euro games like Terra Mystica, Concordia, Brass, Ark Nova among others. You are more than a social or casual gamers – i.e. while you may love to play Splendor, it’s games like Terraforming Mars and Great Western Trail that scratch your itch. While you do not necessarily have to love Barrage or Dominant Species, it would be helpful if you do since we expect our Retreat participants to be able to sit thru two days of full 8-hours of almost non-stop gaming day (yes, you still get time to take food & bio breaks) and some of the game sessions may last up to 2+ hrs per game.

If you feel our Retreat Persona matches you (and have not made you click the Back button yet) and you are excited about trying out the latest Essen Spiel games with a bunch of friendly and at times semi-competitive but always fun gamers, then dun wait - sign up here now!

p/s Those who feel the above sessions might be too intense/heavy, our BGC Quasi-Retreat would be a great fit for you. Do check back on us next year when (and if) we flop back to the Quasi-Retreat format.



What about the Kids (and Spouse)?

Oh yes, I almost forgot the Kids and Spouse!

Beside the 3rd Day Extension, we are also pivoting to include kids - and spouse who may not be avid board gamers - into our Retreat. Our daughter, Rachel is now 8.5 yo and is all excited to host/play in a Retreat of her own (after joining us for the past Retreats since 2015).

  • For up to 2 children between the ages of 6 and 12 and max one accompanying adult e.g. spouse of a Retreat participant.
  • To be accompanied by at least one adult (parent/guardian) who is not taking part in the BGC Retreat.
  • The package includes all meals (as per participant), use of the event hall, and access to the Family section of games.
  • The board games in the Family section are provided as-is and unfortunately, we would not be able to provide rule-teach as our facilitators will be busy with the Main Participating tables.
  • The accompanying adult is encouraged to join the children in board game sessions as we believe parents playing with the kids during the session enriches the experience for everyone!
  • However, the agenda is free-n-easy, and the accompanying adult is free to do other activities with the children beside board gaming.
  • Max 2 adults - one participating and one non-participating (to a room) - with 2 non-participating children

AGENDA (all timings are tentative and will be finalized closer to event day)

Day 1 (Sat)
8:45 am – Arrival of gamers (pls be punctual)
9:00 am – Retreat Briefing
9:15 am – Game Zero starts
9:30 am – Retreat Day One starts
10:30 am - Coffee/tea is served
12:30 pm – LUNCH BREAK (1 hr)
3:30 pm – Coffee/tea is served
6:00 pm – Retreat Day One ends
7:00 pm – DINNER BREAK (meal not included in Retreat package)
8:00 pm – After-8 Gaming (till late) or Free-n-Easy
10:30 pm - Night Sky Observatory (optional and subject to availability)

Day 2 (Sun)
8:00 am - Breakfast
9:00 am – Retreat Day Two starts
10:30 am – Coffee/tea is served
12:30 pm – LUNCH BREAK (1 hr)
3:30 pm – Coffee/tea is served
5:30 pm – Retreat Day Two ends
5:45 pm - Closing & Prize giving
6:00 pm - Retreat ends (for those on 2D package)

The agenda below is for those who have signed up for the All-Day package.

Day 2 (Sun)
6:00 pm – DINNER BREAK (meal not included in Retreat package)
8:00 pm – After-8 Gaming (till late)

Day 3 (Mon)
8:00 am - Breakfast
9:00 am - Event Hall is open
10:30 am - Coffee/tea is served
12:30 pm - LUNCH BREAK (1 hr)
3:30 pm - Coffee/tea is served
5:00 pm - Retreat Day Three ends!
5:30 pm - SAYONARA!!

What do you get?

  • 2.0 (or 3.0) days of gaming (Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 9am-5pm + Sun 6pm - Mon 6pm)
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis (option to upgrade to Single-Room)
  • Full meals 4-6 coffee/tea breaks, 2-3 lunches, 1-2 breakfast (dinner excluded)
  • One exclusive BGC/BGK Retreat 2023 t-shirt
  • One special commemorative finisher token (from Essen Spiel 2023)
  • Opportunity to play the latest Essen Spiel & Kickstarter games, some older titles, and even OOP games
  • Access to the BGC Game Library (over 3,000 games) for After-8 session
  • Learn lots of new (and old) games - rule-teach is included during Retreat Proper Sessions, while After-8 are self-teach or you can join tables hosted by our regulars
  • Get to make friends, trade woods, or joust with new and friendly gamers!
  • Opportunity to win hot prizes in our LUCKY DRAW!
  • Finally, bragging rights as the BGC Retreat Champion! (for one year la)

What’s not included in the package?

  • Your travel to / from the location. If you need help with transport, pls check our car-pool options.
  • Fine Dining (tsk tsk). Dinner is not included (all days) so you are free to take a break and go out for a nice dinner before resuming the evening gaming (or sleep). Or do some stargazing.
  • Mosquito repellant (yes pls bring your own unless you are not a mosquito magnet)

Exclusive not-for-sale BGC Retreat t-shirt for all participants

BONUS – Generous Discount on Game Purchase (for BGC Retreat Participant only)

Finally to thank you for your support, all paying BGC Retreat attendees would get to buy one game from our BGC webstore at 30% discount (from webstore price)! Click here to check the list of games we currently have in stock. T&C applies.

Note: This discount is valid for 3 months (after the event). Some games from our webstore eg Essen Spiel titles, Kickstarters, NoDiscount, Preorders, Backorders items are excluded from this promo. To qualify for this discount, you need to be a paying participant for this event, and completed the event in full from Sat-Sun. No deserters!! 😛


Our BGC Retreats are famous for its After-8 Gaming session, which is known to be the “real deal” after a full day of gaming! After-8 Gaming is a closed-door gaming session held after dinner where anyone can bring to the table games that are of longer duration (epic games), out-of-print games and/or those with higher level of complexity. Or just some crazee, fun, party games!

After-8 gaming is self-organized and we leave it to the attendees to decide among themselves what are going to hit the tables (and who’s going to read the rules). It’s also an optional event as some attendees may prefer to have an early night or spend the time on their own.

After-8 gaming starts 8 pm and last till as late as you want... it's just like Retreat gaming except you can play all those crazy fun games!


If this is your first participation to our Retreat, do check out the Frequently Asked Questions for our BGC Retreat events.

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