• Memoir '44: Operation Overlord

Game Details Players: 2 - 8 Age: 8 and up Time: 30 - 60 minutes
Publisher: Days of Wonder Designer(s): Richard Borg

Memoir '44: Operation Overlord

Ref: M44-OVR
MYR95.00 MYR85.00

The Operation Overlord expansion was specifically created to aid setup and enhance the play of multi-player Overlord scenarios. Included are: 2 special decks of updated Command cards that provide players with the correct card makeup for Overlord games, 2 punchboards of Army figure tokens that are used to represent figures from different nations and make it possible to play Overlord with only a single copy of the base game. Also included are 8 Memoir '44 dice for the additional players and an updated version of the Overlord Rules.

Weight (kg): 0.51
BGC Marks Earned+85 (what is this?)