• Stroganov Deluxe Upgrade Pack

Game Details Players: 1 to 4 Age: 12 and up Time: 60-90 minutes
Publisher: Game Brewer Designer(s): Andreas Steding

Stroganov Deluxe Upgrade Pack


Stroganov Deluxe Upgrade Pack. This upgrade pack contains a new Stroganov 2.9mm game board and new Tsar Wish and Automa cards with linen finish.

This is not-for-sale and only available to our Stroganov (KS Deluxe Edition) customers for a limited time only (unil 7 May 2022). To request your copy, send us an email and quote your web order number (as proof of purchase).

Weight (kg): 0.5 Sleeve size: TBC
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For Cust Only

This upgrade pack is only available for our Stroganov (KS Deluxe Edition) customers. Proof of Purchase required.

Why is there an upgrade pack?

  • Stroganov Deluxe was produced with cards without a linen finish, although this was promised during the crowdfunding campaign.
  • We received feedback that the gameboard doesn't feel deluxe because it's not thick enough and doesn't have a linen finish. Although the gameboard in Stroganov Deluxe matches the description on the crowdfunding page, we offer the option to upgrade your gameboard.

Stroganov Game Board:

  • thicker cardboard (2.9 mm) (used to be 2.4 mm)
  • matte PP lamination (used to be matte varnish)
  • linen finish (used to be no linen finish)
  • reinforced with tape (used to be not reinforced)

Tsar Wish/Automa cards:

  • linen finish
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