• Hare and Tortoise

Game Details Players: 2 - 6 Age: 10 and up Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Publisher: Rio Grande Games Designer(s): David Parlett

Hare and Tortoise

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As in the story of the Hare and Tortoise, a player cannot win as the hare or the tortoise, but must balance the speed and patience of each to win the race. Thus, skill and cleverness are more important than luck in this race. Of course, luck may help, but you cannot rely on luck to win this award-winning game.

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In the classic Hare and Tortoise, players are racing their rabbits around the course, as fast as they can. Players must learn how to moderate their movement, however; because carrots are needed for movement, and the only way to get more is to move backwards! Players must balance the patient movement of a turtle, while making leaps forward when they can to win this race.

An excellent exercise in arithmetic, this gem of a game handles up to six players and offers many choices and decisions, as players zoom their rabbits around the track.

In 1979, Hare and Tortoise was chosen as the first "Spiel des Jahres" winner. Even today, it remains a unique and popular family game.


1 game board
6 markers
1 die
112 cards
6 game summary cards
1 rule booklet

Spiel des Jahres
Game of the Year 1979

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