• Fairly Fast (Ziemlich Zügig)
  • Fairly Fast (Ziemlich Zügig)

Game Details Players: 2 to 4 Age: 5 and up Time: 5-10 minutes
Publisher: HABA Designer(s): René Amthor

Fairly Fast (Ziemlich Zügig)

MYR82.00 MYR75.00

The sirens are blaring as the firefighters arrive. Just in time, too, because the bales of hay on farmer Rudi's farm are on fire!

In In a Flash Firefighters, you must help try to put out the fire but watch out! The water hoses are all in a jumble. The first person to untangle and lay out their hose tiles to reach the fire is awarded a firefighting medal — but the fire hasn't been completely put out yet! The player who collects three medals first wins.

Part of the HABA Game Series.

Note: This is a multi-lingual edition (German packaging) of a language-independent game. English rules are included inside the game box.

Weight (kg): 1.2
BGC Marks Earned+75 (what is this?)

All aboard, please! In the colorful train collecting game Fairly Fast (Ziemlich Zügig), you have to collect the most train cars and attach them to your own locomotive, but this is not as easy as it sounds. Some cars can be attached only once a certain number have been collected. In addition, the collected passengers and action tiles help you make the longest train in the game, which is how you win the game! In more detail:

1. Move your figure in a clockwise direction to the next side of the game board.
2. Select one tile from one of the three stacks.
3. If you have completed a train car tile set, attach this set to your locomotive tile.
Optional: Use action tiles.

The game ends when two stacks on one side of the game board are empty. The player with the longest train wins.


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