• Sacred Rites
  • Sacred Rites
  • Sacred Rites

Game Details Players: 3 - 9 Age: 8 and up Time: 30 minutes
Publisher: Story Machine Games Designer(s): Julia Koerwer, Jono Naito

Sacred Rites

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It has come time to honor the traditions of the past. The members of our Great Society have gathered to perform the Sacred Rites this summer solstice, honoring our most divine symbols and idols.

Except for the part where not everyone remembers what they were.

Weight (kg): 1.3
BGC Marks Earned+149 (what is this?)

To play Sacred Rites, players take on the mantles of Believers, each privately informed of the topic of a Rite. The catch: Some (or sometimes none) of the Believers are left out, making them Outsiders. Each Believer then submits what they recall of the Rite, such as the chants, the time of day, the food for the feast, or even the special shapes, smells, or colors.

Once each Believer has helped remember the Rite, an accusation occurs: Can each Believer point out an Outsider? Can the Outsiders fake their way through it and guess the topic? In the end, only the most confident, creative, and devout among the Believers will be declared the winner and Master of Ceremonies of the Sacred Rites.

What's In The Box

  • 74 rite cards
  • 10 blank rite cards
  • 12 wooden tradition tiles
  • 9 believer envelopes
  • 2 outsider envelopes
  • 50 wooden flower tokens
  • Embroidered cloth carrying bag
  • Rulebook with visual examples

—description from the publisher

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