• Kawaii

Game Details Players: 3 - 5 Age: 5 and above Time: 15 min
Publisher: Helvetiq Designer(s): Marc-Antoine Hofmann, Ismaël Perrin


MYR60.00 MYR55.00

Collect as many ice creams as you can of your favorite shape and/or flavor! Cherries will gain you extra points, but be careful not to find the door closed when you go to the shop, or you might see your score melt away like ice in the sun…

Weight (kg): 0.2
BGC Marks Earned+55 (what is this?)

Kawaii is a dynamic card game where your goal is to get the most valuable pile before other players do so.
In order to succeed you need to constantly observe other players’ actions, use your memory and act fast, with no hesitation.

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