• Eternal Palace (KS Deluxe Edition)
  • Eternal Palace (KS Deluxe Edition)
  • Eternal Palace (KS Deluxe Edition)

Game Details Players: 1 to 5 Age: 14 and up Time: 60-90 minutes
Publisher: Alley Cat Games Designer(s): Steven Aramini

Eternal Palace (KS Deluxe Edition)

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In Eternal Palaceyou are a noble family who has pledged to help the Emperor rebuild his palace left derelict for centuries so that you may gain his favor. You must send your team to collect resources and rebuild monuments. You will also honor the Emperor by painting a beautiful picture of his beloved gardens and palace — but others are trying to impress him, too, and only one will have the honor of being chosen as the Emperor's favorite.

This is the KS Emperor's Tier Deluxe Edtion that includes all Kickstarter Exclusive Contents (Composition / Alternate Locations) and unlocked Stretch Goals (Labyrinth & Exports mini-xp, Monument miniatures and Solo Mode).

Note: This is a KS Emperor’s tier: Deluxe Edition Preorder and includes all stretch goals. Deposit RM100 to confirm your preorder. 

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KS eta Feb 2022

This is the Kickstarter Emperor's Tier Deluxe Edition and includes all Kickstarter Exclusive Contents and unlocked Stretch Goals:

  • Deluxe edition of Eternal Palace
  • Free Kickstarter Exclusive Pack (Composition and Alternate Locations mini-expansions)
  • Labyrinth mini-expansion
  • Exports mini-expansion
  • 4 beautiful monument miniatures
  • Solo mode

Eternal Palace is a highly interactive dice-placement Euro game for 1-5 players. Players assign workers, represented by dice, to locations based on their combined value. You’ll visit locations to gain resources, rebuild monuments, and gather painting pieces for your masterpiece.

Dice placement
The way dice are played in Eternal Palace is unlike any other game. You’ll roll dice and secretly group them behind a screen. Your opponents will know what dice you have but not how you’ll use them. Will you use the 3/4/5 to visit locations 3, 4, and 5 or will you group them to visit location 12? Or maybe something in between? Predicting your opponents moves and making a surprise move yourself really elevates Eternal Palace to a game that is truly great! Once the dice are locked in, you can either stick to your decision or use some wisdom to manipulate your dice and go somewhere completely different!

Interactive and positive gameplay
Unlike other worker/dice placement games that focus on blocking opponents, the interaction in Eternal Palace is focused around mini races at each location. Get to the top of a location’s track first and you’ll get a bonus point. The race at each location means you’ll always be interested in what your opponents are doing. Should you try to catch up or will you focus your efforts elsewhere?

Great table presence
Gaining points has never been so beautiful. Each painting layer you gather in Eternal Palace is layered onto your canvas to create a unique painting, which scores you points at the end of the game. If you win one of the race tracks, you’ll gain a unique feature piece and a bonus point.

The Turn order tokens (included in the base game) give advanced players a way to alter their turn order and perhaps gain an advantage at a pivotal moment in the game! They can be played after dice are grouped but before they are revealed.

Each expansion adds a unique twist to Eternal Palace.

Race through the labyrinth to gain bonuses. Will you take the longer path to gain additional favour from the Emperor or will you race to the centre?

In the Exports expansion complete export requests at the market by trading goods and you'll gain the benefit of the export. You'll gain the bonus when he export is complete and you'll even be able to visit the fulfil the export request more than once to gain the benefit multiple times

If you complete specific painting combinations first you'll gain a bonus. Some combination are harder to complete but you'll get better bonuses

The Labyrinth and Exports expansions are only included in the deluxe edition of Eternal Palace. The Composition expansion is included in the Kickstarter pack (free to all Kickstarter backers)

The Labyrinth, Exports, and Composition expansions are also compatible with the solo mode.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter project page here.

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