• Commands & Colors Ancients XP4: Imperial Rome

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Players2 Age12 and up Time60 minutes Designer(s)Richard Borg PublisherGMT Games

Commands & Colors Ancients XP4: Imperial Rome

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In this expansion GMT has taken the opportunity to present a number of battles that they just did not have room to include in prior expansions. The Romans fight in Britain at Medway 43AD, against Boudica at Watling Street 61 AD, and later at Mons Graupius 84AD. Antony and Octavian of the Second Triumvirate battle it out twice with Cassius and Brutus at Philippi 42BC. But the main focus of this expansion is Rome's conflicts against the Parthian Empire, Teutonic Barbarians and internal turmoil of civil wars until Constantine becomes the undisputed Roman Emperor around 325AD. Part of the C&C Ancients series.

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