• Bang! the Bullet! (2nd Edition)

Game Details Players: 3 to 8 Age: 8 and up Time: 20 - 40 minutes Publisher: dV Giochi
Designer(s)Emiliano Sciarra

Bang! the Bullet! (2nd Edition)

MYR225.00 MYR199.00

BANG! The Bullet 2nd Edition: deluxe version of BANG! and is expansions

- BANG! 4th edition (no player mats or bullet tokens)
- Dodge City 3rd edition
- High Noon 2nd Edition
- A Fistful Of Cards 2nd Edition
- Two Exclusive High Noon cards
- "New Identity" and "Handcuffs"
- Three new characters - Uncle Will, Johnny Kisch, and Claus "The Saint"
- Two blank cards
- One silver sheriff badge

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