• Scythe Metal Coins

Game Details Players: 1 to 5 Age: 14 and up Time: 90-120 minutes
Publisher: Stonemaier Games Designer(s): Jamey Stegmaier

Scythe Metal Coins

MYR155.00 MYR139.00

80-Piece Set of Custom Metal Coins, perfect for Scythe by Stonemaier Games, or for many other games that would look and feel great with high-quality metal money!

Weight (kg): 0.50
BGC Marks Earned+139 (what is this?)

Set contains:

25 (20mm) $1 coins
15 (22mm) $3 coins
15 (24mm) $5 coins
15 (26mm) $10 coins
10 (30mm) $20 coins

This product was designed and produced by Stonemaier Games.