• Smugglers

Game Details
Players2 to 4 Age8 and up Time40 min Designer(s)Klaus and Benjamin Teuber PublisherKosmos


MYR225.00 MYR205.00

To bring the best youngsters into the business, the smuggler boss is holding a contest, with the candidates being challenged to move a sack filled with contraband through an opening in the fence.

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More specifically, in Smugglers players form the "sacks" used for smuggling out of modeling clay and hide their contraband within. The sacks are then rolled down a 3D path, with a die roll determining which hole in the fence the player needs to try to squeeze through. The player whose bag fits through the hole and who has the largest sack now checks the smaller bags, possibly taking the contraband hidden within. Who will prove to be the best smuggler?
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