• Die Dolmengotter

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Players2 - 5 Age10 and up Time20 - 30 minutes Designer(s)Thomas Odenhoven PublisherEggertspiele

Die Dolmengotter

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Dolmengotter is a luck-independent majority game. Wander through dark and mysterious Ireland, create valuable stone circles and mark it with your dolmen, without letting your opponents know their worth.

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Dolmengoetter is a luck-free majorities game. Move through dark and mystical Ireland, create the valuable stone circles and mark them with your dolmen, without your fellow players knowing their worth. Only at the end is it clear who has created the most valuable dolmen.

Approximately 240 stone circles of Celtic origin have been found so far in Ireland. These stone circles, which originate in ancient times and were built by druids, often served as ritual places or enclosed burial areas. In their center were frequently dolmen, which rank among the oldest megaliths and whose meaning is still not perfectly clear.

The artistic representation of gods on the dolmen - "Dolmengotter" - led to the assumption that the dolmen served the druids as meditation areas, in which their reincarnation-based cult was practiced.


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