• Cluzzle (2nd Ed)

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Players3 - 6 Age13 and up Time45 - 60 minutes Designer(s)Dominic Crapuchettes PublisherNorth Star Games

Cluzzle (2nd Ed)

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Cluzzle is a fun-filled game that combines creativity, communication, strategy, and self-expression. In Cluzzle, players outwit their opponents through obscure sculptures, tricky questions, and insightful guessing.

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What in the World is a Cluzzle?
The Clue is in the Clay!

Cluzzle (kluh' zel)
1. n. A clay puzzle
2. v. To create a hilarious clay puzzles that can't be guessed right away.

Cluzzlers (kluh' zel' erz)
1. n. People so bad at sculpting they might actually be good at this game.

Cluzzle is about sculpting, but you don't need artistic ability to be good at this game. Each player sculpts a Cluzzle, then asks questions to figure out what the other Cluzzles are. Players are awarded more points the harder their Cluzzles are to guess, but no points for something that can't be guessed at all. So get your party started with this hilarious game of clay and creativity. Get Cluzzle, where the clue is in the clay!

The game has two fun phases: sculpting and guessing. In the first phase, every player creates a Cluzzle, a clay puzzle, from one of the subjects on a random game card. Then comes the guessing. There are three rounds in which players ask yes/no questions to figure out what you have created.

A good Cluzzle is one that cannot be solved until several yes/no questions have been asked. In fact, you get more points the longer it takes others to figure out your sculpture. So why not make a horribly unrecognizable blob? The kicker is that if your Cluzzle is not correctly guessed by the end of the game, then you'll receive zero points for it! A perfect Cluzzle is one that is not immediately recognizable but also not too obscure.

Cluzzle is a fast-paced game filled with laughter and incredulous eye-rolls as players fumble their way to deciphering your clay puzzle!


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110 Cluzzle Cards
6 Colors of Clay
6 Sculpting Boards
1 Centerboard
12 Question Tokens

Also Included:
- Personalized Cluzzle Cards created by such wonderful people as Alanis Morissette, Bruce Crapuchettes (the game designers father), and maybe even you!
- 950 Clay Subjects
- High Quality Modeling Clay!! (It doesn't dry out, always soft and easy to mold, and does not stain your hands)

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