• Mystery Rummy #1: Jack the Ripper
  • Mystery Rummy #1: Jack the Ripper

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Players2 to 4 Age10 and up Time30-45 minutes Designer(s)Mike Fitzgerald PublisherUS Games Systems

Mystery Rummy #1: Jack the Ripper

MYR105.00 MYR95.00

Will you succeed where Scotland Yard failed? The case of Jack the Ripper is re-opened in this innovative card game that combines the elements of an exciting mystery with the strategies of traditional rummy. Each suspect, victim and murder scene is depicted with historical accuracy in this challenging game of intrigue and suspense.

The 1st game in the Mystery Rummy series.

Weight (kg)0.32 kg Sleeve size65x90 (62c)

This game attaches an interesting theme to a fairly standard Rummy framework. Playing Victims, Suspects, Scenes, and Evidence-melds, players try to build a case against various suspects for the famous Jack the Ripper serial murders. Whichever suit has the most cards played in it when a player goes out is the guilty party, but if all the Victim cards come out before the end of the game, the Ripper might escape, giving the player who produced that card a significant point allowance.

This is #1 in the Mystery Rummy series.
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