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Players3 - 5 Age12 and up Time240 minutes Designer(s)Lewis Pulsipher PublisherFantasy Flight Games


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BRITANNIA is an historical board game that broadly depicts the millennia-long struggle for control of England, Scotland, and Wales. The game begins with the Roman invasion of 43 A.D., continues through the many struggles between Angles, Saxons, Picts, Norsemen, Scots, Irish, and other tribes, and ends with the Norman invasion of 1066.

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A Board Game of Historical Conflict: The Ancient and Medieval Invasions of Britian.

Originally published almost 2 decades ago, the classic war game Britannia finally returns! Take on the role of 17 ancient civilizations vying for control of historic Great Britain. Rally your nations, crush your enemies, and build your Empire. Cunning strategy and history itself will play roles in this epic battle for political and territorial dominance.

Witness Britannia as you've never seen it before! Fantasy Flight Games' new edition of this classic board game features updated rules for streamlined play from the game's original creator, Lewis E. Pulsipher, as well as completely new graphics and components.

In 2005, one King will rise from the ashes.

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219 Unit Markers in four colors
17 Nation Cards
175 Victory Point Tokens in denominations of 1,5, and 25
16 Population Markers
1 Round Marker
5 Dice


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