• Flash Point: Fire Rescue XP1 - Urban Structures

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Players2 to 6 Age10 and up Time45 minutes Designer(s)Kevin Lanzing PublisherIndie Boards & Cards

Flash Point: Fire Rescue XP1 - Urban Structures

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Urban Structures is an expansion pack for Flash Point: Fire Rescue. It is initially printed in low quantities in 2011 for supporters of the Kickstarter project for the base game. Subsequently, it is now available commercially and comes with 2 additional maps as well as a "Structural Engineer" role card.

Part of the Flash Point: Fire Rescue Game Series.

Weight (kg)0.46 kg Sleeve size80x122 (1c)

Urban Structures contains 1 double sided mounted game board, 1 Structural Engineer specialist card, and additional map specific rules with variants and scenarios.