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New Arrivals: Feb 2022

New Arrivals: Feb 2022

17 February 2022: New Arrivals

Here's what came in for our Feb New Arrivals. There are some Kickstarter Arrivals that are not included here yet.. we'll give an update on that in a day or two. #boxtrolls

  • 7 Wonders Leaders (2nd Edition)
  • Arkham Horror TCG (Revised) Core Set
  • Arkham Horror TCG Edge of the Earth Campaign
  • Arkham Horror TCG Edge of the Earth Investigator
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Dobble Frozen II
  • Dobble Star Wars Mandalorian
  • Dr Eureka
  • Dune House Secrets
  • Fastrack
  • Folded Space inserts (new and restock)
  • Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North: Egyptian King
  • Lord of the Rings: Journey in Middle Earth Spreading War
  • Kingdomino Origin
  • Marvel Champions: Valkyrie Hero Pack
  • Metro (Revised Edition)
  • Muertoons
  • Planet
  • Public Market
  • Quest
  • Shaky Manor
  • Trainmaker
  • Unfathomable
  • Werebeasts

Note: We've Marvel Champions playmats for Insider redemption (to be set up) #sabarya

There are also other restocks like Catan 3D, Chinatown, Citadels Revised Edition, Barenpark, Five Tribes, For restocks, best way is to click on the Restock Notification to get an email when we update our stock level.

You can order these here


Happy Shopping! #stillhuatah

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